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NORTHWEST STONE SCULPTORS ASSOCIATION (to print this form click icon to right)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |  PO Box 27364  Seattle, WA 98165-1864
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About us:

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association is a non-profit membership organization serving as a resource for the carving and presentation of stone sculpture. It develops educational opportunities, provides a support system, and facilitates interaction with regional, national, and international communities. Full membership provides: Our regular newsletter Sculpture NorthWest, a link in our web members gallery to your stuff, discounts to workshops and symposiums, Tool discounts from selected providers. In addition, your membership supports: calls to artists, a fun and inclusive environment for all levels of carvers from beginner to master professional, and on-line maintenance of 15+ years of Sculpture Northwest's artist interviews, tool and technique tips, grindopedia, and beginners corner.  

Membership is for one year, starting from date of purchase. 

Please complete sections below:

 Name: _______________________________________________
Street:  _______________________________________________
 City, State, ZIP: _______________________________________________

How may we contact you?

Phone: _______________________________
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(We need an email address so we can add you to our web membership)

 Please choose the membership level at which you would like to join:

Full Membership - 1 year 

$ 50.00 - Includes subscription to Sculpture NorthWest, a place in our gallery, access to members only web materials, discounts to workshops and symposiums. (Students $35.00 - please attach proof of valid ID: Institution and Student # )

Subscription Only to Sculpture Northwest

$ 35.00  -   Newsletter only - none of the above benefits.


 $ ____________ (Additional tax deductible gifts are sincerely welcome and will support our programs)


$ ___________________

For Credit Card,  Complete & Sign below. We will Contact you by phone to verify your CVV#

Card # _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ Expiration Date: _ _ - _ _ _ _

Signature: _________________________________________________

THANK YOU!  Please send application/renewal form (and if not paying by credit card your check) to:

NWSSA     PO Box 27364     Seattle, WA 98165-1864