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Eirene Blomberg

"Purpose' Aztec marble, slate, soapstone and mosses by Eirene Blomberg"Purpose"

"Shattered Light' onyx, by Eirene BlombergTapping into the creative process with an object so directly connected to the earth brings me great satisfaction. Before the chisel touches down I envision where these rocks have been and what has brought them to their current shape. Often the stones draw in the sculptor, sensing a potential in the artist.  It is our dance together, the sculptor and the stone.  

Transfiguration, marble by Eirene BlombergA landscaper and gardener for the past 25 years, trees and plants heavily influence Eirene Blomberg’s work, as does the spiritual relationship between humans and the natural world.  What guides her is opening up to the creative forces at work and reestablishing a personal connection to the earthly world we are a part of.  Living and working in Lopez Island, Washington she sculpts with hand and power tools moving back and forth freely on each piece.  

Torso Front

 You can follow her on Instagram @Eirenemichelle

Raw Elegance, alabaster by Eirene Blomberg