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John Thompson

"Prometheus Dragon" soapstone, John Thompson
"Prometheus Dragon"

Scafti and Me, A Carousel for Montana, John Thompson

For the last 25 years John has been sculpting and carving almost daily, but he came to this via a love of art and rocks in his childhood and then intaglio etching. John tried many things: drawing, painting, ceramics and photography. He has a 2000-pound etching press that was his artistic outlet, and for several decades John was a printmaker. Then an opportunity opened up, and now the press sits with dust on it and he is a dedicated and happy sculptor.

John Thompson is featured as one of three NWSSA members from Montana in our March/April 2020 issue of Sculpture NorthWest.

Artist Spotlight - John Thompson
A Carousel for Missoula

Carousel limestone panels relief by John Thompson