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Rick Fogel
 Rick Fogel

Rick FogelWhamdiddle is Seattle Hammered Dulcimer performer and luthier Rick Fogel. Rick, a physicist by schooling, is also an innovator of dulcimer designs, a hard rock sculptor, avid outdoorsman, and one of the country's only makers of “Bones”, a rhythm instrument from antiquity. On this site you'll be able to browse and purchase Bones, Handmade Hammered Dulcimers and accessories, unique hammers and rock sculptures.Rick Fogel at Volunteer Park

For Rick, the contrast between building musical instruments and sculpting rocks is extreme. It is the difference between workmanship of certainty and the workmanship of risk. Regulated planning versus free-form fabrication. Perfect measurements and precise geometries versus experimenting with designs and techniques for aesthetic variety. After years of instrument building, he likes the diversity that rock sculpture adds to his life. The freedom to explore a new medium and the outdoor adventure of finding rocks to work with has added a fresh appreciation for the subtleties of his creativity.

Rick Fogel