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President's Message

President's Message - Nov Dec 2013

From the President...  

Let me tell you a little about the new workshops we're doing.

They have gone well and the Nov 16th Photographing 3D Art was wonderful teaching by example with a lot of interaction and questions. See the Nov 16th post at or on the NWSSA’s FaceBook page. Greg Krogstad brought his professional gear and Dan Colvin brought, “A good camera with a Home Depot supplemented” set-up. They took the time to explain how the equipment worked and what they were out to achieve by working with the stone carvers who brought pieces to photograph.

A few take-aways from my experience:

1. The photo you want to take should invite the viewer to ask more about the piece, not about the photography.

2. Nothing substitutes for a basic understanding of “how to use a camera to take a photograph” meaning to produce good photos you need an idea of how depth-of-field and f-stops work.

3. There’s an order and iterative process to setting up for a good photo.

a. Set your camera and piece for an initial composition

b. Set up main light source

c. Adjust background light(s)

d. Focus composition for shot and adjust.

e. Adjust fill lighting as needed. Once you have gone thru steps a-e and don’t think it’s a good image, move the camera, piece, base, or backdrop. If you like the image of your piece, consider leaving the lighting in place and rotating it for additional images that might better communicate your work.

Many thanks to Gregg and Dan for their teaching, Jack Stevens for his voice activated support, the stone carvers who, from the level of interaction I saw, really enjoyed themselves, and of course Marenakos for providing the great space to hold the event.  

And on a final note, one of the questions we asked in the workshop survey to our members was “Finding Your Style”. I was surprised at the interest (sandwiched in priority between “Pedestal Building” and learning about “Group & Juried Shows”) and think it deserves to be a future workshop. I will have more to say in the next issue and if all goes well there will be workshops related to this topic.

Camp Brotherhood 2014 is taking shape and there will be much to talk about in the coming months.

Keep checking Facebook for posts and the web site for upcoming workshops.

Learn much & share with many.
Carl Nelson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President's Message - Sept Oct 2013

From Outgoing President Gerda Lattey  Gerda

Hey there NWSSA’ers, I’m very pleased to announce that Carl Nelson has been voted in as our new President! He’s got lots of time now and great enthusiasm for this organization so please lend him your support in whatever way you are able.

A big thanks to the board, both past and present. We have been a great team and it has been an honour to work with such fine, clever people. I’ve really enjoyed being at the helm of NWSSA this past 4 years. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Keep moving forward!!


From the newly elected president Carl Nelson...  CarlNelson
I am very excited about taking on the presidency of NWSSA. It’s an outstanding organization that over the years has brought together an inspiring and awesome collection of carvers focused on shar- ing their hard-won skills and wisdom about stone and art. There have been so many outstanding volunteers and I am grateful because your efforts have created an organization that continues to involve others and makes NWSSA a place to learn and share.  
We want to hear from you. You can contact a board member by going to:
I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many of you at the symposiums about the association and would ask when you see me to continue those conversations. For those I have not spoken with, drop me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your thoughts about how we can be a better association, I’d love to meet you for coffee, or better yet to visit your studio.
In the coming year, in addition to making certain we continue the success of Camp Brotherhood and Silver Falls, we will be sponsoring half to full day regional workshops to bring together small gatherings of our members to do or talk about things of value to them. I have heard ideas like: building your own pedestals, tool sharpening, what’s in the river, working edges and surfaces together, and carving erotic forms. Early September we will send out an email (and post on Facebook so you can do it from any web browser) a link to a survey (SurveyMonkey), asking you for your ideas (and to rank your interest on those ideas we already have), what months of the year and days of the week that work best to get together, and if you would be willing to host one. If all goes well we’d like to hold the first gathering in October.
I’m looking forward to the coming year.
Learn much & share with many.

President's Message June-July 2013

This summer I'd love to see everyone rally and bring at least one piece of sculpture to our Camp
B sculpture walk on July 20th. You don't have to attend Camp B to put in a piece and it would be
wonderful to see the field brimming with fabulous works of art. We'll be there from the 13th on,
so come up for a visit, drop a piece by (bring your own pedestal if you can) and showcase
yourself. Last year was very busy and we had quite a bit of media coverage, so please, don't be
shy!! Looking forward to seeing you all this summer, either in the big field at Camp B, or
amongst the tall trees at Silver Falls.Gerda

 Gerda Lattey

President's Message Mar-Apr 2013


Are you ready for Camp Brotherhood? This year we will feature Deborah Wilson, Norbert Jaeger, Claire McArdle, and Tony Angell. It's going to be a great summer: Jade, granite, marble, basalt and limestone; all stones we know and love and with wonderful folks who will be there to help us along with inspiration and knowledge. This long winter will be brought up short when we all get together under the big blue sky of summer. 

Looking forward to it.

 Gerda Lattey