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The NWSSA booth at Seattle’s 2002 Flower and Garden Show was a success in many ways. The show is a big city event and if you haven’t attended, it is beyond your wildest imagination. Thousands of people saw our sculpture display and became acquainted with our association. It was an additional treat for people to see Richard Hestekind’s prize-winning sculpture garden on the main floor. New members joined and several people signed up for symposiums. Two sculptures were sold at the show and two commissions were offered. Anthony Kaufman experienced a big thrill selling his large and wonderful outdoor basalt sculpture. “Oh thank goodness, now I can carve for two more months,” he said, eyes twinkling. Many of us experienced renewed energy just talking with others interested in stone sculpture. As Markos Weiss said, “I enjoyed volunteering and think it is a good idea to have carvers of all skill levels personning the booth. I am now motivated to display one of my works next year.”

It takes a lot of help to run the booth. This year many thanks go to the 25 people who participated, most standing at least one six hour shift at the booth. Bill Brayman organized the event and set up the booth. Leon White helped transport materials, set up the booth, and provided several great pedestals for the dozen or so sculptures displayed. Nicky Oberholtzer also spent a lot of time at the booth. She labeled the sculptures on display, put together a group portfolio, provided ongoing booth supervision, and a few house plants for good measure. Nicky, Leon, and Rich provided knowledge and advice on booth setup and operations. Thanks to Sabah Al-Dhaher, Arliss Newcomb, Anthony, and others who helped booth setup and takedown. Special thanks to Lloyd for making sure things happened. Thanks to Pacific Plants of Issaquah for loaning us six nice shrubs.