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Camp Brotherhood symposium 2003, WOW! That four letter word (the exclamation point counts) says a lot about what a success it was. Thanks to a wonderful team effort, headed up by our own Georgia Peterson. I personally feel proud to have been a part of the team helping to make it happen. Record attendance, fantastic weather, the best ever auction night, a great party, and topping that all off, the excellent work on display in the Art Walk, what a memorable event for NWSSA.

The great success of this event was, in part, due to the record number of sales made and the 10 % contribution from those sales will only help to make next years Art Walk better.

The workshops were well attended, thanks to the quality of the instructors. We were lucky enough to have M.J. Anderson, Don Ramey, Alfonso Rodriguez, Joanne Duby, Alex Morosco, Verna Dee Dice, Tom Urban, Ron Geitgey, Hon Lee, and the team who held the Hard Rock sessions. Again, this year, Tom Urban and the University of Oregon offered credits for attending the whole symposium. Thank you all! 

The mentor program was well organized thanks to the volunteers that participated. Again this year our suppliers of goodies (stone, tools and massages) deserve a lot of credit. Thanks Alex, Randy, Russell, Brian, Carolyn, and Dorbe. On such a high note, Georgia and I are stepping back to make room for a NEW team of symposium organizers: Georgia, after three years, and myself after eight years.

I know the experience has helped me to grow both as an artist and a person. I do plan to see you all next July. In the words of Shamus McArt: “Sculpt Proud.”