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What a riot! Lane Tompkins and Shannon Wean lead 22 men and 10 women to part with over $2K for the scholarship fund! And we had a blast doing it. The only improvement might have been to have Chuck-O there to spar with Alexie. The wrestling match between Scott and Sue hardly lasted long enough to be interesting.


Terry’s blackberry liqueur went for $45, even after being depleted by pre-sale sampling. Shannon was generous to part with more after he bought it. Scott, in his leather kilt, bid up Keith’s manual pencil sharpener (one of the basic stone carver’s tools) and red pencil to $50, topping Keith’s bids to get it back. In an act of generosity he gave it back, but kept the fabled red pencil. Verena bid on one left glove. Alexie had to pay $35 to keep his hat! Tracy Powell offered a half-day of labor, and admitted that he does lawns, and babysitting. Wine tastings were his specialty. Sharon Feeney was the winning bidder, but she wouldn’t say what she had in store for him. More action occurred, but happened too fast for me to keep my notes decipherable.


Thanks to all who contributed their time, effort, and auction items for our scholarship fund, including: Lane, for his bright tie and attention to detail; Shannon, for his pre-emptive “SOLD” shouts that ended petty quibbling over who bid what, and Lisa for manually tracking the sales (there was no electricity in the tent for a computer).