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It is always a pleasure to attend an opening of one our fellow sculptors, to see their new works and lend our spiritual support. All the more so when forming a carpool with friends who otherwise may not, by themselves, drive from Seattle to Everett to see an art opening. A group of us made that drive especially to see the opening of Reg Akright’s “Artist of the Year” show given by the Snohomish Arts Council.


Arriving early, we studied the larger works on the main floor. Climbing then up to the charming, wrought iron, balconied mezzanine, we admired Reg’s many smaller sculptures that showcased his years of dedication to his craft. The atmosphere was filled with soft live jazz music and a luscious array of hors d'oeuvres. By the time we left, it was elbow room only with supporters and plenty of sales. By the time the show ended on April 17, Reg had sold several pieces including the two at the top of this page. Congratulations, Reg.


Another show you can still go see is at the Art Mine Gallery at the Inn at Port Hadlock. This peninsula town is just five crow miles south of Port Townsend.


Featured there is NWSSA’s own Arliss Newcomb, who spent a warm spring carving with Joanne Duby at Art City in Ventura, California. Joanne has helped Arliss acquire a new style of carving. Arliss and her sculptures will be showing at the Art Mine through the month of June.

Please let us know in advance about the shows you are going to have so we can promote you as well.


And I want to remind you about our Annual Members Exhibit at Seattle’s Kirsten Gallery, September 5 through October 7, 2008. You have all summer, including Camp B, to produce a sculpture for inside and one for outside. Contact me, Leon White at: 206-362-2231 or email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..