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While participating in the recent symposium at Camp Brotherhood, I completed reading a wonderful book, Living on the Wind - Across the Hemispheres with Migratory Birds.

One of the more impressive stories recounted in the book involves the Blackpoll warbler. This little bird is tiny - less than half an ounce.

One could mail two of them with a first-class stamp. During part of its migration, it passes from the east coast of the United States to the coast of Venezuela or Guyana -a distance of 2,000 miles, with no rest, no food, and no water. Researchers studying this bird have stated that, “If a Blackpoll Warbler were burning gasoline instead of its reserves of body fat, it could boast of getting 720,000 miles to the gallon.” For this little warbler, it is absolutely critical that it be able to feed prior to this journey in order to build up its body fat for this herculean effort.

Upon returning from Camp Brotherhood, I feel that I have replenished my fuel tank with creative energy to sustain me until another migratory journey rolls around. The many forms of this replenishment reflect the richness of the symposium and, while I am certain that the equivalent of 720,000 mpg is beyond my reach, I can call upon the network of “Brotherhood friends” to top off my tank throughout the year.

Thanks to all of you for another great experience.