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The 9th Annual Symposium was quite the success for 100 artists, who came from all over the West Coast. One of our two guest artists was Tendayi Njagu from Harare Zimbabwe. We were also fortunate to have Kazutaka Uchida from Japan return for two weeks. We had our most successful educational program for those in need of basic carving assistance. The third annual MARIE CARP FUND auction was again successful, bringing in more than $5000.00 for scholarships for the Camp Brotherhood Symposium. The hard work of Pat, Anastasia, Steve, Suz, and Gail, resulted in a fun auction with delicious desserts.

I am extremely proud of what we offer to the community. No other art group is doing what we do for sculptors. We do it very well, and the good word about NWSSA Symposia is getting out! I want to share some comments from the critique forms:


"I love the element of open sharing here. It's a paradise to live the artists' euphoric dream of eat, sleep, carve for one week. I love you all."


"If this energy spreads, there is hope for the world,"


"If we ruled the world, there would be no need for wars." "This was by far one of the best experiences of my life" "It seems like I enjoy more and more every year."


"This was the greatest symposium ever. I think the greatest thing was the many ways we were tested; by the weather, by our expectations, and by each other. We rose to all the challenges, and we embraced them, just as we embraced our brothers and sisters. MY HEART SOARS."


"We had great parties. Thank you Meredith for the music."


Many of the critiques indicated a strong interest in changing to a lO-day format for 1997. The Board met and endorsed iliat idea, and has approved a 10-day Symposium for next year at Camp Brotherhood The 1997 dates are from July 18th to 27th. We will address all your concerns regarding the sleeping accommodations, food, and the rain. We will begin planning for 1997 in Sept. If you have any ideas for that program (topics, instructors), please write to me before Sept 1st. Send your comments to 5580 South Langston, Seattle WA 98178.


Many thanks to all of you who attended and helped make this event such a success--not for NWSSA, but for the individuals who were there. It is rewarding and heartwarming to see artists working side by side. We come from such diverse paths, we set up camp, carve all day, enjoy one another, and return happy and exhilarated. Each and every person attending contributed to the success of all.


Thank you. Hope to see you at Lake Cowichan in September!!!


Take care