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Spring arrived early this year in rainy Seattle – at least indoors at the Flower & Garden Show. The air was filled with the aroma of blossoms from plants sprouting glorious colors in the many man- made gardens complete with running streams and ponds. Recorded bird chirps filled the air with soothing, if repetitive, song. The spirited crowds, seventy thousand strong, added their own enthusiastic notes making this a very successful event for all. NW Flower & Garden Show

Our Nicky Oberholtzer designed a fabulous display that caught the attention of judges to win "Best Booth" on the educational floor! She over-saw the set up and worked all five days sharing shifts in the booth with other members as they told the public about the sculptures, the kind of stone used, and handed out brochures to promote our events and symposiums. And, lest we forget, kudos to Nicky's husband, Steve. He is the fellow who hauls everything in to build the booth, builds it and then hauls everything away again.

Adding to the professional presentation, board member Pat Barton repaired, repainted, and made protective covers for all of our indoor pedestals so they do not have to be repainted every time we use them. He also hauled all thirty pedestals to and from the show. Go Pat!

This show is always a great experience for volunteers. Each one gets to represent NWSSA and share their own experiences as a member with those who drop by. Consider getting involved next year.

smnickyreneeMany thanks to our other participating members and friends who did many jobs and were good enough to bring their sculptures for display. Among them were: Linda Baasch, Gudrun Ongman, Renee Roberts, Jon Schmidt, Joan Rudd, Lonny Morgan, Markos Weiss, Bob Olander, Karl Hufbauer, Gus Schairer, Istara Freedom, Rich Andler, Craig Breitbach, Mike Duquette, Sharon Feeney, Nancy Green, Rick Johnson, Patty McPhee, and John Clark-Mahoney. It takes teamwork to make these events happen.