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Sculpture NW LogoWade Marlow and Al Zimmerman have opened a new gallery in Bellingham called Sculpture Northwest Gallery. It will be a large space to showcase the work of emerging and established Northwest artists. To get the whole thing started, they are giving NWSSA members the opening show from June 5 through August 16.

There will be a private opening for NWSSA members only on May 28 from 5 to 7 pm. The guest of honor will be Sebastian (Enrique Carbajal) of Mexico City, perhaps the foremost urban sculptor in the world today.

Artists rendering of newly rebuilt front of the galleryHere is Wade Marlow to tell you about the show.

‚ÄúRegional Stone, Regional Sculptors" opens as the inaugural show at Sculpture Northwest's new gallery 203 Prospect St. Studio 101 Bellingham. The choice of offering this show to NWSSA was made simple by the knowledge of the very high level of artistry of the members. Not so simple was selecting the work from a large body of submissions. The resulting show is of such a uniformly exceptional quality that the viewer will be amazed and leave the show with a much deeper understanding of the regional work being done and the aesthetics involved. While the work inevitably varies among the thirty two artists represented there are still qualities that tread their way though the show. The most obvious quality is elegance. So much of the work has that timeless simplicity and high workmanship that is the most pleasing to the eye. Sculpture Northwest is proud to present this remarkable show.