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Symposia News: Camp Brotherhood Symposium - July/Aug 2000

It’s when things are going well that change seems the most strange and disconcerting. That in part is why, when Vic Picou announced that he was stepping down as the leader of the Camp Brotherhood symposium, it seemed like such an insurmountable task to fill his steel-toed boots.

Vic has given NWSSA endless hours of volunteer work, donations, spirit and most importantly, vision since 1987. Because of his determination and hard work we sculptors have been able to work, learn and play together at Camp B for 10 years. He also saw to it that the Whidbey Retreat, Silver Falls and the B.C. symposia all took flight and remained aloft. I’m not sure how one ever properly thanks a person who has cared so much for an organization and shared so much of themselves. Camp Brotherhood will not suffer, however, because two terrific people have stepped forward to co-manage the 2001 symposium. Verna Dice and Georgia Peterson will head up the symposium committee with Vic serving as a consultant. More formal information will be coming as to how to present proposals, etc. for next year. In the meantime you can reach them by e-mail with any suggestions or questions. Verna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Georgia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Symposia News: Introducing New Co-Directors of International Stone Sculpture Symposia Camp Brotherhood - Sept/Oct 2000

At this year’s Camp Brotherhood, new directors were chosen for next year’s Symposium. Trying to fill the big shoes of Vic Picou will be new co-directors Verna Dice and Georgia Peterson, along with an additional four Planning Committee members.

Many of you may not know these two “new” people, so here’s an introduction.

Verna Dice has already made her warm and capable presence known to many of you as she has greeted and registered you at Camp Brotherhood for the past two years. She is enthusiastic about this new opportunity to help Camp Brotherhood run smoothly and continue to be the inspiration that it is for all who attend.

Verna is an extraordinary person who is a champion in her own life, both personally and professionally. Twelve years ago she underwent surgery after a minor car wreck and came out of that surgery a paraplegic; she has since learned to walk but must sit to do all of her work. In 1993 she began taking art classes for stress release and this changed her life’s focus to stone sculpture. Before that Verna was a Nurse for seven years in the United States Army (traveling in every country but three in the world). After the Army she went on a mission for the LDS (Mormon) Church to Japan and Arizona. She has served as a Scout leader for ten years and has recently gone back to school for a degree in Fine Art. Verna lives with her partner Haydie and son Jesse in Pocatello, Idaho.

Georgia Peterson comes to this organization with gratitude to have finally found a group of kindred spirits who carve stone; she is delighted to have this opportunity to assist in carrying Camp Brotherhood into the future. Georgia brings to this position her experience gained from running a graphic design business and working with a team of people on a magazine for ten years. She also worked for a massage school for five years and is currently a bodyworker and massage therapist. With a passion for anatomy, she enjoys the combination of “sculpting” the human body — both in the art of massage and the art of stone carving.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Georgia attended the Tyler School of Art. This included time studying painting and sculpting in Italy and Boston.

Finding home in the Pacific Northwest in 1984, Georgia lives in Portland Oregon with her partner, Ella, an Acupuncturist and their two dogs Annie and Java. Both Verna and Georgia welcome your input, suggestions and ideas for future Camp Brotherhood Symposia. Feel free to contact them either by phone, snail mail or e-mail.

Verna Dice

1214 E Lewis, Pocatello ID 83201

(208) 233-0575 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Georgia Peterson

5545 NE Simpson, Portland, OR 97218

(503) 249-7551 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Spirit of Camp B Lives On! - Sept/Oct 2000

The spirit of Camp Brotherhood is more than an event or a place — we found that it will exist wherever several carvers gather to work, share thoughts, and break bread. While the face carving master class was a great success, there are many other chances to get together to collaborate. Perhaps some of you can think of carving events or group activities which would be worthwhile.

There was discussion at Camp Brotherhood about collecting native stone—that would be an ideal weekend small group activity. Several of us want to improve our work areas or studios, and a group is helpful when fans are installed or walls are to be raised. And how much more productive and inspirational would it be to work every day in a studio which had been built with the help of fellow carvers?

So lets put our creative thoughts to this purpose: imagine some small group activity, and solicit participants! This newsletter is the ideal place to place ideas, calls for help, and announce plans. Some of us are a little far-flung, but a week-end spent doing something in a small group can provide sufficient motivation for the drive.

If you have an idea for a collaborative activity, call Sondra Shira at 425-227-9489 .