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Going, Going, Gone! - May/June 2005

What a riot! Lane Tompkins and Shannon Wean lead 22 men and 10 women to part with over $2K for the scholarship fund! And we had a blast doing it. The only improvement might have been to have Chuck-O there to spar with Alexie. The wrestling match between Scott and Sue hardly lasted long enough to be interesting.


Terry’s blackberry liqueur went for $45, even after being depleted by pre-sale sampling. Shannon was generous to part with more after he bought it. Scott, in his leather kilt, bid up Keith’s manual pencil sharpener (one of the basic stone carver’s tools) and red pencil to $50, topping Keith’s bids to get it back. In an act of generosity he gave it back, but kept the fabled red pencil. Verena bid on one left glove. Alexie had to pay $35 to keep his hat! Tracy Powell offered a half-day of labor, and admitted that he does lawns, and babysitting. Wine tastings were his specialty. Sharon Feeney was the winning bidder, but she wouldn’t say what she had in store for him. More action occurred, but happened too fast for me to keep my notes decipherable.


Thanks to all who contributed their time, effort, and auction items for our scholarship fund, including: Lane, for his bright tie and attention to detail; Shannon, for his pre-emptive “SOLD” shouts that ended petty quibbling over who bid what, and Lisa for manually tracking the sales (there was no electricity in the tent for a computer).

Scholars Respond to the Brotherhood Experience - Sept/Oct 2005

This year, as usual, NWSSA provided scholarships to several persons interested in advancing their stone carving skills. Among those selected, Bethany Moore and Sarah Svobodny chose to write letters of appreciation for being offered the opportunity to attend Camp B. Following are portions of the letters they wrote. They speak eloquently of their passion for stone carving and their deep appreciation of the mentoring and friendship members extended. We are proud to welcome them to the Association.

I cannot even comprehend the experiences I just had.  It seems like Beth and I just visited and became a part of this intensely creative wonderland of a fantasy!

But it was all real!


I have never known a group of people more loving, supportive, respectful, and giving—and been welcomed into a community of artists so fully and truly. I believe in myself as an artist and as a human being more than ever before. Pursuing my artistic dreams and ideas, and making my visions a reality now feels so much more attainable. Wow! How incredible is that! Sooo much in five days.


Thinking about the experiences I have had studying art in school, they seem to pale in comparison to the time I spent at Camp Brotherhood. Everyone there turned into teachers and friends, and helped and inspired each other. People there were so willing to spend time with each other, and share information, and be happy for each other. That is what going to school should be like, but isn’t always that way.


I can’t wait to go next year, to continue with stone carving, and just creating in general. Thank you ALL so much for everything! I am so grateful I was able to attend, and will never forget it! I hope to see you all soon.



Sara Svobodny

It’s always amazing to me when life hands you a great big gift, and puts you among people who one day were strangers, but now suddenly are all family so dear to your heart that it hurts. This is one of the gifts that I received by connecting with NWSSA and receiving a scholarship to Camp Brotherhood.


Never in my life have I found myself surrounded by so many amazing people. I have never felt so welcomed, loved, respected, and supported in all my life. Being one of the youngest people there, this is even more significant. Everyone was a mentor to me, having just graduated from University. Having been exposed to many of the negative sides of the “art world” through schooling and my professional work, it set me back on track to be surrounded by so many positive people who are doing their work, collaborating, celebrating, and enjoying it.


Artistically speaking, at the end of day one, I had found my way with the stone, uncovering the form that I knew was held within. The days that followed got me deeper and deeper into understanding, learning through the people surrounding me, and the great workshops presented throughout the day. The open environment allows any individual, no matter their skill or knowledge, the opportunity to ask questions and feel comfortable. There is no hierarchy, no elitism, and no judgment.


The most powerful element of this experience for me was the deep feeling that I am a member of the next generation of this group. I can see myself in the future as one of those amazing women stone carvers who talked with me, shared their skills and helped me find my way. My deepest love and gratitude goes out to the Association, and all of my wonderful new friends. See you next time!



Bethany Moore

NWSSA Members Exhibit at the Kirsten Gallery - Nov/Dec 2005

First, many thanks to Tom Francis and Franci Reis for stepping in to arrange this year’s exhibit. It looked fabulous, and  was in conjunction with a juried painting exhibit sponsored by West Coast Paper Co. We combined our opening with their opening reception.


There was standing room only as guests mingled inside and enjoyed the fabulous catered food and drink, while listening to a ‘live jazz band’ out in the garden. Thanks to West Coast for sharing this with our non-profit organization! Five sculptures sold. Only two paintings sold. Richard Kirsten said that this September was the worst month in the thirty-plus years in business! They can’t have very many months like this to stay in business as galleries have been closing all over the country. I think that all of us are effected by the natural tragedies, wars, and the uncertainty of our countries stability. There seems to be a negative, subliminal sadness in people. Everything is slow going. But, we are artists! And we must create to satisfy our own souls. So, keep sculpting!