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Cover letter from Karl Hufbauer that accompanied the revisons to NWSSA bylaws (Note: revisions were approved.


March 11, 2009

Dear NWSSA Members,

Find enclosed a proposed update to our Association's Bylaws. Changed and new sections are shown in underlined italics. You can view the 1999 version by: Clicking HERE.

The most important proposals for substantive change are as follows:

  • The Association's purpose is oriented more closely to the needs of the sculpting community in the Pacific Northwest;
  • The board of directors sets the dates for dues collection, the annual elections, the start and end of directors and officers' terms of service, and the annual meeting, not the beginning of the calendar year;
  • Email may be used for most notices of meetings, etc., for members with email addresses on file;
  • The elections to the board include secret ballots;
  • A conflict-of-interest policy applies to board members;
  • All board members are assured access to all NWSSA records;
  • Officers may not hold more than one office at a time and the treasurer may not serve for more than two years in succession;
  • Officers' responsibilities are specified more fully;
  • A minimal agenda is specified for the annual meeting.
  • Other proposed changes are for clarity only.

Please feel free to contact board members with your comments about the proposed changes. You will find their contact information in Sculpture Northwest or at the NWSSA Board.

You are also invited to attend and participate in a board meeting of April 19 where the proposal will be discussed, amended, and voted upon. The meeting, which begins at 1 p.m., is to be held at Rich Andler's home, 1237 NW 126th St, Seattle WA 98177.

On behalf of NWSSA's Board,

Karl Hufbauer