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Working Draft

NWSSA sponsors the operation of a web site and a mail list server that contains information about users of these services. This privacy statement describes what information is gathered, how it is used, to whom is it disclosed, and what options the user has.


Information that may be gathered over the course of business:

  • Membership information including name, address, and email address
  • Contact information for officers, board members, and working groups
  • Contact information for symposium attendees
  • Email address, optional user name for mail lists
  • Subscription configuration data and change records
  • Mail and web server server logs including IP addresses and cookies
  • Email that is routed through the list server

Information used and disclosed:

NWSSA uses contact information in the normal course of business such as promoting the work of an artist or using membership rosters to support communication among the members. As a principle, NWSSA does not provide contact information to outside parties except as released by the information owner themself or as required by law. Personal information is not sold to anyone.

Electronic source material containing NWSSA member information resides with the record keeper who, in good faith, protects the information from being released to outside parties.

The operation of a list server uses subscriber information including email address and configuration data to route mail.

The mail content and header information routed through the mail server is available to other members and may be archived. Even though information is held privately, history has proven it often becomes public in an internet environment.

NWSSA may publish on the web site a list of current members including member's name and general geographic location. Web site pages may publish individual names, contact information, and published material including pictures with permission of the individual. For example, members sometimes publish their names and contact information and artists publish their names, artwork, and their web site address or other contact information.

User options

Persons mentioned in web pages have the choice whether their contact or other personal information is included.

In order to use email list services the subscriber must provide at least one email address and the computer system uses IP addresses and cookies that may be partially identifying. The subscriber has the option not to disclose any other information. The subscriber has a reasonable assurance that mail content and addresses are not normally shared outside of the subscriber group.