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a water fountain by Candyce Garrett


Candyce_at_the_wheel_of_her_favorite_toolThis granite sculpture was installed by Candace at the entrance of the Santa Fe Farmers Market building in the recently refurbished Rail Yard Complex in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was asked by the organizers of the Farmers Market to make a granite fountain for a newly completed building. Candyce immediately went to work on designs.


After receiving enthusiastic approval for her model she began the work at her winter studio in South Texas. That’s where she keeps her TH-83 forklift “The best tool ever,” as well as an over-head crane, and other various and sundry pieces of equipment needed for moving the massive stones she is noted for using in her sculpture.


Replenishing_The_EarthThe design she had selected for Replenishing the Earth required stacking stone up to 11 feet, 3 inches. And since Candyce works alone it took her four and a half months to complete. The fastening together of all the pieces required fifty 7/8 inch stainless pins. After the assembly, Candyce took it all apart, loaded it onto her 20 foot long flatbed truck. Then it was off to the Farmer’s Market in Santa Fe where it became permanent part of the landscape on a warm, sunny morning in June of 2008.