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smYESTERDAY_BEGINS_TOMORROW Dave_on_Orcas "Yesterday Begins Tomorrow"

Now there’s a title for you!It makes a statement and then answers its own implied question. Hopefully that gets you to think – to stop and look at the sculpture. Not an easy thing to pull off in a public setting. This extremely hard stone, with what I hope is some strong artistic merit, did stop people and make them ask questions on installation day. There is something about being in the presence of the sculpture, as opposed to a photo, that has such good energy. This piece is done in human scale because I find that people react well to something that is about the same size as they are. With touching and then interpretation, a bonding occurs, helping them to ask themselves, “What exactly is going on here?” Good stuff.

Getting people to stop and think was my battle cry going into this piece. I worked at it for about 6 months very casually as I had many other projects going on. It was nice to continually come back to develop and refine the form. The stone just wanted to go this direction and I followed its lead. The surface is polished to 600 grit which keeps the stone subtle, yet gives a fantastic reflection as you move around it.

If you find yourself in Lake Oswego, Oregon sometime in the next year or so, go down to 2nd & Evergreen and pay a visit. With that I bid you all the best in creating and exploring new form, and I thank the hard working staff that invited me to be included in this issue of Sculpture NorthWest.

To see more of Dave’s work check out his website: