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Calling All Sculptors. . . . !  smgeorgeatwork

This is George Pratt, a dusty senior citizen sculptor in stone from Vancouver, Canada—an old face around the NWSSA (charter member) and still excited about another symposium in July.


Over a busy career beginning in 1970, I've carved most stones that sculptors will encounter. I'm not your world's great sculptor (although I get it right now and again) but along the way I acquired a lot of experience carving and I'm still discovering the best tools and methods to make it happen. I take pleasure in showing others how it's done and folks around the NWSSA say I have a knack for it. Speaking of discovering, the main pleasure for me has been discovering an aspiring new sculptor at every symposium, who has talent beyond what I could ever hope for. Who will it be this year?


‘Rejuvenation’ by George PrattNow, to the business of Brotherhood 2012. Having produced my share of public artworks, I've concluded that granite is the ultimate stone for the job. So this year, it's all about granite carving—with an emphasis on preparing sculptors for "the big one." There are lots of tricks and lots of traps about granite carving. Above all it's hard, dirty work and it will defeat you if you don't work smart—and about working smart, there is much, much to learn. Come sit in on the workshops. Bring whatever tools you now have, along with problems and questions. Granite carving is all about problem solving. Among other things, we will be carving a group project in granite. Good news is that I'm all for light-hearted instruction—so we'll have a little fun and who knows what we might hammer out together. See you there!