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From the Editors…

The International Sculpture Conference was held in Portland this year, and NWSSA participated by way of a joint exhibition with Pacific Northwest Sculptors.  Thanks to Jeremy Kester for documenting this venture and sharing his experience as both an artist and volunteer for the event.  Our Artist Spotlight for this issue is Kirk McLean, who has generously shared his most recent series, Love and Loss.  We are grateful to Kirk for his openness, and for exemplifying just how powerful the process of sculpting can be for communicating grief and stimulating healing.

It is hard to accept that the year is already drawing to a close.  The hours of daylight get less and less and the need to get out and chisel some stone seems to grow and grow.  This season is a good opportunity to reflect and express gratitude for our friends and colleagues who persist in this quixotic dream of stone sculpting.  Whether you have a place to carve this winter, or will be counting the days until it’s warm and dry enough to be outside sculpting again, we wish you all the best in your health and creative pursuits.

~Benjamin & Maya