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From the President.... 

President’s Message

Not long ago, Carl was asked what an artist should consider if they wanted to put their sculpture into a non-gallery setting, such as a coffee shop. Here is Carl’s answer.

  1. Ask if the coffee shop has any insurance regarding theft or vandalism, if not, be willing to lose the piece in exchange for “exposure.” Generally insurance covers cost of materials like $50 for the new piece of stone. In some cases, you will probably be a friend of a friend who thinks this is a cool idea. Get to know the owner and their staff.
  2. Will you get any say in display and curation so as to minimize grab and go theft?
  3. Soft stone is scratchable. Will the display allow someone to inadvertently scratch the piece? If it is going to be touchable, make sure it stays safe and can’t be knocked over or dropped.
  4. Lighting in a coffee shop can suck. Will you get any say about lighting?
  5. Have a clear inventory, with each piece listed and priced. Find out who will be handling sales and the collection of money. Think about having a price label with a QR code so folks can contact you directly to learn more about the work and about you.

Hope this helps.