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AND THE BEAT GOES ON....NWSSA 2016 Holiday Party
A report from The NWSSA 2016 Winter Holiday Party
By Michael Yeaman – Sculpture NorthWest roving reporter

It may still be getting pitch dark at 6pm around here but it was bright and cheery at the NWSSA’s 2016 winter holiday party on Saturday night, January 9th. Our annual festive event was once again held at Ken Barnes’ amazing sculpting studio where you definitely don’t want to go if you get “big saw and hoist” envy very easily. This open space with its soaring interior provided the perfect environment for this industrial strength happening with plenty of member-provided food and drink. I think my favorite was the fresh crab legs with spicy cocktail dip and Pat Barton’s morel packed mini-pastries.

Skyping with Steve SandryMany of the usual suspects were there including the always smiling Gudrun Ongman, the often acerbic Wayne Maslin and delightfully erudite Rich Hestekind. We were especially lucky to be joined via Skype with Steve Sandry from South America. Steve has had some health issues lately and all the party goers were very pleased to see his smiling face beaming wide on Ken’s PC.

The party began at 5 pm and by 6 we had nearly 40 revelers all trying to keep the stone dust off their party clothes. By the time I left at 8:30, the festivities were still going strong, a rather appropriate testament to the enduring strength of our members and our great NWSSA organization!