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Ann CaseyI really had no clue what to expect. Sharli Silva, a friend who had gone to Cambria where she heard about Camp B from Gudrun Ongman, talked me into it with her rave reviews of Cambria and that Camp B was supposed to be even better!

I am new to art...this right brain, thing. And being so totally left brained my whole life, I am pretty insecure about my abilities. If I had realized the level of creativity that would be at Camp B, I would have been intimidated and might not have come. Thank goodness I did. I would have missed out on a great week and wonderful people - true artists that were there to share and help. I had great fun exploring the possibilities.

I learned a lot. I learned to "be gentle with the stone" from Knut. I learned “it’s all about light and shadow." I learned I really love bas relief and outdoor sculpture - which is sending me in a completely different direction than the path that I have been on. I learned that maybe I can sculpt on my own without my teacher. All this is leading to retirement becoming a reality, rather than just something to think about. So, trite as it may sound, Camp B was actually kind of life changing for me.

Ann Casey